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SERA Bangladesh is your partner when it comes to plan, build-up, implement and manage

complex projects from scratch to the turnkey handover.

Get to know more about Our Services or contact us directly.

SERA Bangladesh is your platform if you are planning to enter the Bangladeshi Market

or if you are planning to realise projects in Bangladesh and neighbouring countries.

​Learn more about Your Entry to Bangladesh or contact us directly.


Our organisation strives to build a clean, sustainable and intact environment for our future generations. Based in the metropol of Dhaka we work solution-oriented throughout the entire country of Bangladesh and beyond.


We offer our expertise and experience in building up sustainable and ecological conceps and strategies for any kind of project. We offer a wide range of services from Project Management to Government Consulting to the development of entire value chains.



Experience is the key to success. Our experts from different fields of expertise and of different background accept any challenge and look forward to support you in realising your sustainable and ecological concepts successfully.


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SERA Bangladesh at a glance:

Project Management

We develop, plan and execute agricultural projects as well as manage and optimise existing ventures during the regular operation.


We consult state authorities, non-profit organisations and the private sector in the field of sustainability, environmental protection, waste management, agriculture and food security by developing strategic working plans and monitoring the implemention of action plans.


From farmer's training programmes to educational lectures on conferences to expertise mediations for decision-makers: we offer a wide range of various educational services on different ecological topics.

Market Entry to EU Markets

We prepare your project and your products for European Markets by aligning your venture in compliance with existing regulations of the target market.

Environmental Management & Waste Management

SERA Bangladesh is your partner when it comes to design functional Waste Management Systems (WMS) for urban areas as well as rural areas. We also help you to establish and operate an Environmental Resource Management at all levels.

Organic Certification

Are you planning to operate organic cultivation areas or need someone to manage your organic farmland? We prepare and guide you through the regulation processes, develop and implement Organic Management Plans (OMP) and build-up and manage your Internal Control System (ICS).

Agricultural Research

We conduct agricultural research in a wide range of subject fields according to your enquiries and provide access to internationally accredited laboratories which enables you to give reliable statements on your venture. Our profound data analyses enables decision-makers to comprehensibly present the importance of needed actions and thus legitimize decisions.

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