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Our Services

SERA Bangladesh consults various entities of state authorities, non-profit organisations, the private sector as well as grouped individuals. This wide range of services makes SERA Bangladesh to an important mediator and interface between active players of the entire spectrum of the economy and society.

Project Management
  • Development, planning and execution of complete ventures from scratch to the turnkey handover including agricultural projects, projects on environmental management and waste management as well as rural development projects

  • Offering additional consulting during the transition period as well as monitoring projects during the initial phase of the regular operation

  • Evaluation, optimisation and management of existing ventures

  • The subject area for Project Management ranges from digitalisation of farmer's activities in rural areas on the country level to the conversion of production sites from conventional to organic farming on small and medium sized areas, the development of waste management systems (WMS)

  • Consulting governmental entities & state authorities as well as non-profit organisations and the private sector

  • Consulting in build-up sustainable and ecological value chains

  • Consulting in agricultural management

  • Strategic and Operational Consulting

  • Policy Advice in the area of Food Security and sustainable value chains

  • Consultation in establishing Public Private Dialogues (PPD)

  • Consultation in establishing Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Educational Programmes
  • Conducting farmer's training programmes for organic farming approaches

  • Organisation of lectures for decision-makers in the field of sustainability, compliance in food safety, food security and the organic approach

  • Offering various educational programmes with topics ranging from building-up sustainable value chains to the effective use of renewable energy sources

Market Entries
  • Consulting the private sector in the preparation for a successful entry of foreign markets, especially the markets of the European Union

  • Aligning ventures and new products in compliance with existing regulations of the target markets

  • Examination and validation of the entire value chain of your venture to go along the line of demanded environmental sustainability

Organic Certification
  • Development and implementation of Organic Management Plans (OMP)

  • Development and management of Internal Control Systems (ICS)

  • Conducting certification audits for third parties (e.g. foreign certification bodies)

Agricultural Research
  • Conducting agricultural research in a wide range of subject fields

  • Providing access to internationally accredited German laboratories

  • Provision of profound data analyses which enables you to give reliable statements on your venture

  • Provision of detailed data evaluations which allow interpretations for decision-makers

Development Funds
  • SERA Bangladesh offers mediation services between your venture and international development organisations

  • We consult you in acquiring development funds from donor agencies and foundations worldwide

  • We find appropriate donor organisations for your needs and in accordance to the preconditions of the donor organisations

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