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About Us

SERA Bangladesh – Sustainable Economies for Rural Areas of Bangladesh. ​​Our goal is to promote and build-up sustainable and ecological economies in rural areas of Bangladesh. This aim and duty is embedded in our organisation's name which emphasises the goal of SERA Bangladesh from the very beginning.

Sustainability can be defined as the capability of successfully build up functioning economies in the way that coming generations will have the same opportunities as existing generations have today. Sustainability can be achieved by Environmental Protection, by Education as well as by Equal Opportunities. Find out how below.

Sustainability by
Environmental Protection

Sustainable economies can only be achieved by a responsible use of existing resources, the prevention of environmental pollution and the protection of water resources. Furthermore coming generations will only be able to feed themselves in a self-sustainable way, if we start today to protect the vast biodiversity of the flora and fauna and start to preserve the soil fertility.

SERA Bangladesh consults you in planning and implementing strategies aiming on fitting your project along the line of environmental sustainability. SERA Bangladesh develops, implements and manage your entire project according to your needs and according to sustainability. This includes the assessment of existing processes and the development of needed action plans. If desired, SERA Bangladesh will accompany you during the implementation phase or manage your venture during the regular operation.

Sustainability by

​Sustainability requires an educated population especially in rural areas. Knowledge enables people to interpret and judge their environment and the decisions that are made for them. Education frees people and turns them into responsible citizens  necessary for democratic societies. Education is not exclusively reserved for children, but as well as for grown ups and adults. Education is a life long process and has to be promoted and supported accordingly.

SERA Bangladesh offers various educational programmes which enables the participants to understand sustainable and ecological concepts. The program contents range from organic farming approaches to renewable energy solutions and strategies on how to integrate sustainable processes into existing value chains.

Sustainability by
Equal Opportunities

​Sustainability further means to distribute wealth and resources and the access to them fairly and wisely. Only if the societies resources and the jointly produced added value is distributed approximately equal, members of societies can live peacefully and realise their full potential which will result in stable and violent-free societies, necessary for investments by and cooperations with foreign entities.

SERA Bangladesh helps you to successfully manage market entries on the Bangladeshi Market or on international markets, especially on markets of the European Union. SERA Bangladesh is helping in building-up farmer's cooperatives and women cooperatives and supports you in organising the transfer of knowledge and transfer of technology where it's needed. Furthermore SERA Bangladesh consults you in aligning your venture in compliance to international regulations from worker's rights to hygienic requirements in order to guarantee a successful entering of international markets in conformity with existing regulations.

Let's  work on a successful and sustainable future with happy and healthy people.

Let's make that vision happen where we can influence it the most.

Let's start here where we live. In Bangladesh.

SERA Bangladesh.

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